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Cool Doctor Who
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

I have an issue with a character in a TV series... Oh wait, this is a blog about my favorite series and actor(s) so I will post my opinion whether anyone likes it or not... 

I have never liked Clara Oswald ... ever. Many people have tried to convince me to love/like her. Many people have tried to say that she is a strong feminine lead character. Sure I guess if you like brats or  ego-maniac control freaks who cannot handle change and wish to ruin everything for everyone else by throwing a fit when things don’t work or go their way so they stomp their feet and demand things to resume to their comfort level or they “slap”their "friend" across their face and believes they are owed something better? Damn, sounds like a spoilt brat to me or a toddler throwing a temper tantrum on a large scale. 

I get it, she was upset that Danny died (didn't like him either) but the Doctor didn't owe her anything. Her guilt was immense because all she did was lie, lie, and lie some more - to Danny, To the Doctor, and worst of all - to herself. I have a huge problem with LAIRS always have. I have a problem with people who want to control everything and not see what their actions do to others. That really is Clara who needs to be the one in control. I do not think that this a strong female character to look up to, I think Clara should be an example as to not what to be/act like. If we were to put Clara to the Power and Control Wheel for abusive relationships... You would see that Danny would have been in an abused Boy-Friend in an unhealthy relationship and the relationship with Clara and the Doctor is an unhealthy co-dependent one; however I think the Doctor is just waiting to see what Clara's end is - meaning he is waiting patiently until her end - that is just the way he rolls because of severe curiosity. Now, I understand that we could say the same for the Doctor, however there is one little problem with that... HE IS AN ALIEN who can establish good healthy relationships - Rose/9-10 - Donna/10 - Sarah Jane/3-4 (those are my top favorites) and he is too erratic to fit the control wheel mostly because he has empathy rather than sympathy and is more a teacher than a lover. Clara really has little empathy but can be sympathetic. I think that Clara is the representation of the human race, not really a good one, she isn't that violent but she doesn't feel enough to be a good interpretation of what humans are like. They mean well but we need instant gratification and we are owed if things don't go our way. Oh, yeah she has changed a little this season, but I think that the Doctor is not giving her what she asks for as much and that he is reacting to her differently... FINALLY! I guess this was some sort of rant but hey, it's my blog right?

Oh.. to all you shippers out there with the 12/Clara friggin love affair, there is no problem with you writing such things but no, it is NOT CANNON - enough is enough with telling people that who disagree with you are ass holes and unimaginative or useless because they don't follow your opinion, you really are no better than the American Right-Wing Christians who condemn science and all things that make sense to the real world that you say needs to happen like; free or low college tuition, free healthcare, Democratic Socialists like Bernie Sanders - seriously, I think you all should really practice what you preach before you condemn other people. 

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