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Cool Doctor Who
His look represents how I feel

Peter Capaldi: Malcolm "Fucken" Tucker and Doctor Who

Disclaimer: rember, this is an opinion, there are no hardcore-cited facts stated here, and this not an indepth or insightful comparrison of charicters. However, there may be a review or two.... UPDATED 5/27/14*

This smiling individual (in the new Doctor Who diggs) is (according to Britain) an Icon. Peter Capaldi. He has a laundry list of awards that includes an Oscar! I will not provide details of his history because there are so many resources out there that may be true or not about him. I don't want lawsuits you know.

Americans know little of him unless they are either from the UK, BBCA geeks, love odd movies, foreign movies, or watch PBS... thats me except I was born in the US. Furthermore, when the internet developed into a great resource,  I was able to keep up on the array of movies/tv shows he continued making.  Sounds like a creeper right? Then I ask you, are you a fan of anything? Who is your favorite actor/actress? I bet you even know how many siblings they have, what their favorite colors are, and whatever other weird thing you know. I, do not. I just know he is married, has a daughter, is an artist on many levels, and has been a life long Doctor Who fan. Now this information was plastered all over Docotor Who communities on G+ and one interview I watched. I don't care about his personal life, he deserves privacy,  I don't want to know if he takes extra sugar and cream in his coffee or has it black.

He is lets just say, INCREDIBLE as an actor even in his weirdest movie that I could not believe was made with Hugh Grant. For the record, this was the only movie that had Hugh Grant in it that I have watched. I honestly thought he was going to be eaten, I had hoped he was. I think it was The Lair of the White Worm, it was the typical terribly made B "horror" movie suitable for the SyFy Channel. I loved it. I love campy movies and this was it. Capaldi played an archaeologist and wore a Kilt in the end... nice legs ;) but I was a kid when that came out and there was nudity so my mom would not let me see it... I was a young teen with naughty intentions, so guess what I did; I watch it anyway.

UPDATE- 5/27/14: I rewatched the Lair of the White Worm AFTER reading Bram Stoker's novella. Lets just say, I was in stiches. The movie does not resmemble the book in almost any way. If you love campy movies with nudity then this is the movie for you. Angus, played by Capaldi, seemed like the only one with a brain, cautious but brave. Grant played the snobbish idiot who wanted to look good for the girls and did almost nothing for the plot line. Last Grant rant... Grant's face was featured on the trailer and movie cover... he barely did anything! Angus did save the day, yet I wondered... do Kilt wearing Scottsmen really keep granades in their pouches ;) with a mongoose?

This is Angus after killing the White Worm and discovering that his antidote was swapped with a benign serum... in the end Angus gets pay back for doing all the dirty work! HA!

Now the subject: the title of this page is about two things that I Briefly mentioned are:
Malcolm Tucker and Doctor Who.

I love this... this Keep Calm meme takes on a heavy meaning so be careful what you wish for.
Why? Because he will rip them an new fucking ass and possibly threaten to skin them and wear it to their Fucken funereal... If you need to verbally threaten someone he's your guy so you can relax and watch Malcolm unfold and hope to the powers that be you are not next on his shit list.

I recommend this as a type of therapy:
Malcolm Tucker is a spin doctor from The Thick of It a Brit sitcom (2005-2012) and In the Loop (movie 2009), political satire. Again, look it up I am not providing details.

But now, he is another character: Doctor Who- so he has to be a good boy, word wise at least because I am looking forward to a Capaldi twist to the Doctor. We need darkness, masculinity, eccentricities, and boyish charm. Not a goofball with a glowing toy. I love you Matt Smith but it was getting old.

I love art, comics, and delightful parodies and This is cute art I found on and it is simply adorable, and soooo very different from Tucker. I could imagine what Malcolm would say, but I won't only because this comic makes me all warm n fuzzy and my boys love it too. If you don't know, this is the third Doctor Jon Pertwee with Capaldi's 12th Doctor producing a bunny. Hey, you still wondering what Malcolm would say? Check below.

Sooooo, what would cantankerous Malcolm say to the famous Doctor Who aliens and villains? Here is a fan concept that I absolutely love and I wish I had come up with first... Oh! Did I mention that he has a sexy Scottish accent? No?

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LOVE Peter Capaldi! I cant wait for the next Series to start!!!(O.O)