Cool Doctor Who

Cool Doctor Who
His look represents how I feel

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Crags, we all have them
      Especially when we get older
In the face, around the eyes and mouth
Symbols of life and maturity
Compaired to Crags of granite
      With trees and moss blanketing them

There are special people who remind me of the crags
Salty-peppery hair, thick-soft, curly-messy, wild
      Wild winds that shape the trees growing on the crags
Voices thick, grugh, rolling with the hills
      Hills and valleys, long in history, secrets

Souls sweet as the moss smells in the late autumn sun
       Blue-green Eyes betray fertile intellegence,
       Behind that impish gleam
Intelligence flows with the rainwater off the shelves of granite
        Waterfalls sheild secrets of the crag, creating mist
        Misty fog shades paths making images there or not
Choices, past, future, now
        The fog of the land wont give up her secrets
Neither will the mature folk, but hear them
        Advice is not given lightly or easily
        Yet, Taken and disregarded by inexperiance

Vanity of youth ignores experiance, beauty, true beauty
        Beauty of experiance, life, age
There are no crags in youth, fields,  meadows,  or moors
       Just gentle slopes, virgin, boring, flat
Crags huge, jetties and cliffs, valleys uneven
Adventurous, facinating, intimidating, intriguing,  wild
       More interesting

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