Cool Doctor Who

Cool Doctor Who
His look represents how I feel

Friday, May 16, 2014

Today is... Ooo! Shiny!

This is me today. I have this horrible dysfunction called procrastination.  Daily I struggle aginst it, yet I start talking (yes, talk to the people who post silly things or arguments) to my tablet and then the coffee maker stops. I must get coffee. I get coffee, I see that something else needs my immediate attention.... the book left on the couch. Read me, the book screams. Then I have this dialog going on telling me of all the wonderful plans I have and I must get to it, PRONTO! Yeah, well, that can wait a moment,  I need to find out if the charicter becomes a Kitsune agin... says the creative side of my brain.

I care to get things done but I still put things off because I find something else to do. This is not condusive to my future. This is not condusive to anything! Google+ is my bane right now because I am (like SO many other people) "crazy waiting" for Doctor Who to start in Aug... but seriously, the US won't see it until Sept. I need a different hobby...

Bye for now, Blessed Be

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